IOI closing ceremony

Video by Harriet Persse and Kathryn Perrott.


IOI guests visit Steve Irwin’s zoo

Video by Nicholas Adermann.


Contestants enjoying an excursion to Mooloolaba beach with surf lessons, swimming and fun in the sun

Video by Hao Ran Lai.

Contestants battle it out for gold

Video by Melanie Keyte


The second day of exams was delayed by an extra Australian contestant!

Video by Eljakim Schrijvers.


More footage of the rogue possum

Video by Eljakim Schrijvers.


Video by Hao Ran Lai.


The Weetbix eating competition at Cromwell College


Guests visit the Gold Coast

Video by Koren Midgley.


Results released from the first IOI exam

Video by Nicholas Adermann.


Volunteer team guides marshalling contestants on the first day

Video by Hao Ran Lai.


Competitors arrive in Australia!

Video by Ashleigh Weidmann.


IOI International Committee visits the University of Queensland
IOI International Committee visits The University of Queensland from School of Mathematics & Physics on Vimeo.